The Art

My childhood was full of Kiowa stories, music and art. My Grandfather and his sisters shared their culture with all the grandchildren that surrounded their homes. Our family was rich with storytellers and art, though no storyteller could surpass my Grandfather, C.E. Rowell. His stories were rich with powerful images brought to life through his traditional paintings.From my Grandfather, I know at a glance the traditional clothing and look of our people, I know our history and spirit. Within every painting, Grandpa expressed aspects of the Kiowa spirit and heart, insights into the Kiowa culture.

Most of the art seen in Vanishing Link was created by my grandfather, C.E. Rowell.


The Kiowa Creation Story

Greg Norman used the latest in technology’s digital tools to bring an ancient legend to life on screen. Greg used traditional images from C.E. Rowell as a starting point to create the art seen in Vanishing Link’s Creation Story.While Greg started with Rowell’s traditional images, he quickly made them his own. Greg’s powerful images illustrate the story beautifully, blending seamlessly with the traditional art used throughout Vanishing Link. Greg used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to bring his vision to life. You can see more of his work at .


The Horror of Cut Throat Gap

Greg took on the challenge of illustrating Cut Throat Gap, the massacre of over 150 Kiowa woman and children. His dramatic images capture the horror experienced at the slaughtered camp and match the power and emotions voiced by the Tribal storyteller, Atwater Onco.

To learn more about Greg’s work check out

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